Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cinderella DVD

I am proud to present a DVD recording of the premier performance of The Magical Marionette Theatre’s production of Cinderella!
We are a family theatre, and almost everything in our production was hand-made. From our beautifully hand-crafted stage that was built with 100 year old barn wood, to the marionettes, each handsculpted and uniquely designed from wood and clay. Our back drops were all hand-painted with oils, and most of our props were hand made as well.
The play itself is our own rendition of the beloved classic, Cinderella, which takes place in 19th century Spain. It was written by Patricia and Kate Cabrera. The music was also entirely composed by Kate Cabrera, between the ages of thirteen and fifteen.
There are five puppeteers, a curtain master, and a lighting/stage operator. They are all my children, their names and ages as follows:
Kate (15)
Kevin (14) stage/lighting
Gabriela (12)
Joshua (10)
Rebecca (9)
Benjamin (6) curtain master
I am also a puppeteer.*grin*
Our first performance was held November 19,2008 in the Batte Fine Arts Center at Wingate University. This was the night we professionally recorded our play.

Our DVD price: $9.99 per copy plus $2.00 shipping.Email me at and I will send you a money request via paypal.