Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Recording the Voices

We were very blessed to have the support of Wingate University. All the voices belong to several of the University's students and faculty. Our first play is Cinderella, whose setting takes place in Victorian Spain. The play was written by me and my daughter,Kate, who also wrote the scores for this production.
I am sharing below pictures of our recording day, and following those I am adding some pictures of our "master" puppeteers in the early stages of our practice.>grin<
Please chech this blog often since I plan to add updates about us and the progress of the play.
If you like to see a preview video of our play please click to visit myspace .( link on the side)

The Magical Marionette Theatre

Hi! My name is Patricia Cabrera. Since childhood, I have dreamed of marionettes and having a theatre of my own. Fascinated with this idea, I used to transform y paper dolls into characters. Now, thirty years later, after marriage and having seven children, I have finally been able to accomplish this dream with their help. Four of my children are now well-trained puppeteers, and the others work behind the scene.

I designed our theatre, fashioning it after the old-time opera houses. We were very blessed to have a professional carpenter, Gary Downs, be able to make the stage faithful to my design. An artist himself, his many suggestions and ideas greatly enhanced and benefited our theatre. The theatre was also designed to be easily portable. It’s measurements are approximately: 9’ in height, 9’ in length, and 7’ in depth. It is equipped with its own lighting system, including old fashioned footlights, red velvet curtain, and its outside edges were made from 100 year old barn wood. The magical Marionette Theatre will certainly bring delight and enchantment to all ages.
Each of our productions runs approximately 45 minutes, which may include a lively puppetry demonstration after the show and an optional question-and-answer period following the performance. The program is presented with the Puppeteers in full view, so that the audience can witness firsthand the mechanics of puppet manipulation.
The Magical Marionette Theatre is a fully self-contained theater. We are able to travel with a complete marionette stage, which has its own integrated lighting and sound systems. The only things required from our sponsors are unobstructed performance space,(stage is preferable) and two electrical outlets close to the playing area.
Due to the size and weight of our equipment special arrangements must be made if there are any stairs in the load-in route.
Time needed to load-in to and set-up our stage: 2 hours before audience arrives.
Time to Load-out: 1 hour after audience has left.
Space Requirements:
Our Goal:
Our goal is to bring faerie tales to life through this uncommon and wonderful form of entertainment. We believe that this almost forgotten art is one that should be reintroduced to society.
Grand opening performance: Sept 19-20th ,2008 at Wingate University
For futher contact please email us at sevenkidsfarm@msn.com

The magical Marionnete Theatre ~ Woolytales.com~ Patricia Cabrera
945 Horne Road , Peachland, NC 28133. Sevenkidsfarm@msn.com