Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD and EXPO news!!!

I now it took me forever to get it ready but is finally here. *grin*
The DVDs were professionally recorded and I am the one making the copies . I was a little slow in getting the cover printed but now I have listed on my etsy store.
I also listed our Cinderella DVD. This was our first show and recording.
Now, I must tell you that for Snow White DVD , you will have a choice of the DVD with the performance or a second one in which one can see at the end of the performance a Q&A, meet the puppeteers and!*grin*
This option has the performance however the company the did our recording set up 2 cameras so the backstage was also recorder *during* our show . keep in mind that this option does not show the complete performance because it goes back and forth.
I also have a great news!!!!! WE WERE INVITED TO PERFORM AT THE EXPO!!!! I am not sure yet if we will be able to do this but boy, my children can not wait... and I too, I am very excited with this possibility.
I will keep you posted..... the expo is in October!