Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Prince

Oh my , I can hardly believe that we finally started our rehearsal this past week. I worked intensively with the dolls and they are *ALL* strung and with the exception of some of their hands and feet - we are almost all ready! We basically worked on the music and placing the characters on the scene.
You see , Kate and I wrote the play but because of our lack of experience it is difficult to envision the marionettes adapting to the play when we were writing. I was very surprised to find out that We did WAY better than our first play * Cinderella* .
Our voices and music were already recorded at the university with the students and faculties but I received all in 10 tracks and it is my job to do all the editing. The first time I did this , it was awful, I had to learn the software language that unable be to do all the mixing... it is called Wave Master. Well that was 3 years ago, when I first worked with this program , it took me almost 8 weeks to get it right the entire editing...... it took me 5 days this time.... and probably a total of 8 hours to get our entire play done.Phew!*grin*
Now that the recording is done , we are practicing. I am always amazed how well the children do with the dolls... they are so much better than me... I thing is the spontaneous and child like attitude that makes them such good puppeteers . ...grin.

Here is the Prince.... he is not handsome as I wish.... I am not good sculpting males... but he is dressed fine and good for me that children don't care!* big smiles*

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow White

I am hoping to finish stringing the marionettes by tomorrow. Here a close up of few of them and Snow white.... I will then start molding for the hands and feet!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wicked Queen

*** If you click on the picture you will see a much bigger*** The wicked queen is almost ready.... I will be working on the hands and feet after all the marionettes are dressed and strung.For her costume , I choose to make a simple black dress -yet elegant.
Today we also rang up all the backdrops behind the theatre to see how they look. The one behind the queen is her own chamber . I still have to add some canvas and paint to make it larger but that will have to wait.
I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now because I need to get the children practicing soon and when I look at the unfinished marionettes it makes me feel rush and I don't like that. Although this is our family theatre, and I do this so my children can enjoy and learn art , I still like to do the best of me. I am working on the dwarfs right now... today , for the past 8 hours I have sew 7 pants and now my daughters are helping me with the details.Next week I will post the Prince... he is a gem!*grin*