Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New faces , hands and body progress

I managed to finished 2 new dwarfs. they look so much younger and different from the others and I like this look so much more ...sigh...but I will have to happy with what I got now,grin!
When I work with the costumes , I will then add hats on them.

Sorry for the bad picture.... I just want to show you the fiber glass hand , already painted with a first coat. I haven't made any others , not even the other hand 's mold because I need to finish one first to see if I like it. I *really* like fiberglass as medium, it is hard like a rock.

Kate started to carve.... she will be making all the legs and arms.... she needs to *hand- carve* 112 pieces..... yep, she will be busy for while. when ever she is not playing or composing , you can see kate with her carving knife sculpting these darling legs!

Friday, August 14, 2009

It is always a celebration!

*** I had some problems uploading so if you kindly would click on picture, you will see the right photo***

Today we received the program for the George Batte Jr. Fine Arts Center. Needless to say that this makes my children jump up and down. It all becomes very real to them ( and to me too,grin) when we see the program.

The Fine Arts Center offers incredible entertaining and the shows are first class. I am so proud to be part of this and a little nervous now.... I always get like that.

The program is beautiful but if you never been at the theater you don't know what you are missing. The Wingate University theatre is gorgeous and reminds me when I was in Italy and visit the cathedrals .....

Yes ! It is time to celebrate. the children and I will have punch and dress up tonight while our victrola plays some oldies..... life is good , no?*grin*

I invite you to see what else is presented at the theatre, click on link below please:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Prince and the others....

It has been harder and harder to post . I am so sorry about that. I love to work with the theatre and to talk about it. I am working on the marionettes but very slow, because my time is 90% devoted to the patitadolls and I honestly wish that I could have more hours in my day.*grin*
No, there is time for many things, if I don't sleep much of course, smiles, but I am trying to manage well.
I am closing my 7kidsfarm and I will no longer make soaps. I just don't have the time. And I will probably not sculpt , only for my dolls and the marionettes. I am no longer taking commission work and computer time is limited too because I have many projects right now.
I am a mom of 7 children and with a husband that delights in my company ,grin, and visiting my friends and their blogs has been more difficult just because I don't get to come to the computer until late at night but I always manage to take a peek at your blogs, so please , if you are not hearing from me lately don't think I am not visiting you , I am , just for a shorter time.

My daughters will be working with the wood carving for the bodies. I am so excited about this because I have done most things alone but now I will have considerable help.yes!

Almost forgot... here is the prince. I didn't think to make him handsome but rather gentle looking . I think he is nice looking thought. *grin*