Sunday, June 21, 2009

First of the 7 Dwarfs

I don't think I have ever been as busy with my art as I am now. I have a doll show next month for my Patitadolls and it has taken all my time with the short time that I have to prepare everything on time however; I had sculpted this face few weeks ago so it was easy to paint and wig.

This is one of the seven dwarfs.... I am not sure which one yet ...perhaps Reed, I will wait until the others are ready to name each accordingly. I will add the accessories such glasses , hats ...when I have all the dwarfs ready.

I made a little audio video so you can hear the voices of the 7 dwarfs. When all 7 are ready, I will do another one with the faces and voices as they introduce themselves.
***** You may want to pause kate's music, so you can listen to the audio below****

All the audio was recorded at the Wingate University of Music, Wingate. The voices belongs to the students and faculties . I have a lot work to do with the audio . This is just at the *raw* stage, but I think you will enjoy to listen as much as I do. *grin*

Can you pictures them as you listen?

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Witch!

It is always fun to sculpt something out of the normal. I had an initial idea about the witch and I think I was able to make what was in my mind. In our story , the queen disguise her self to a witch appearance to hide her *beauty* . I didn't want to make a very ugly witch but my children reaction was a funny one. I am not sure if I succeed .... they all said ...ohhhh, that is ugly!*grin*

I still need to give her some eyebrows and some other details but because I am sculpting my first dwarf at this moment , I will wait until later on.

I will try to work on the hands next week. I plan to do something different this time. Although it will not be a tutorial, (nothing makes any sense from beginning to the end,grin) but I will show you how I do the hands, create a mold and cast with a medium that I don't believe anyone thought to use it. It will be fun and I hope you will follow me on my Magical world.*grin*

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Hunter!

The hunter's head is ready. I am very happy with him. I think he has the older look that I imagined plus the kindness in his heart.
The Snow White script is based on the original story however; it was written by Kate and I . We work wonderfully together and I can not tell you how much fun it is when we write. I have the ideas , Kate has the words, fun, fun!

I want to share with you a scene from our play, however the best scenes are definitely the dwarfs, but here you can have a glimpse of our Play! *grin*

Scene one

StoryTeller- Long, long ago, in a magical kingdom far away, there lived a King and his beautiful Queen Lyra. They were kind and generous rulers, beloved by their subjects, and their love for each other was very evident. For many years, the king and queen ruled together, but as they grew older, the began to wonder who would succeed them to the throne. Time passed, and finally the queen gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter, whom she named Darling. The kingdom rejoiced at the birth of the princess, and there was much feasting and thankfulness in the following weeks. But all too soon, the beautiful mother of Darling became ill and died, and the kingdom so proud and happy of their new princess was found in deep mourning for their kind queen. Out of necessity, the king re-married, and there was hope that there would be another ruler as kind as Queen Lyra, and also a good mother for Princess Darling. But as the years slowly passed, they were soon ti find that this was not to be...

(Queen enters and approaches mirror)

Oh looking glass, of magic means,
Who,pray tell, is fairer than thy queen?

Mirror_ You, O Queen, are fairest yet.

Queen-Oh, humble, modest mirror-I agree!

StoryTeller- One day, however, the looking glass had a different answer for his queen...

Oh looking glass, of magic means,
Who pray tell is fairer than thy queen.

You, O Queen, are merely pretty,
When compared to Darling's beauty.

Queen(angrily)- WHAT?! How DARE you defy me!! None are greater than I!NONE! You LIE!! O mirror, you lie!!

Mirror- The mirror never lies. (walks away)

Queen-(angrier still) WHERE is my hunter? I want my hunter NOW!!

Hunter(enter and bows)- Your highness.

Queen- Tell me- am I beautiful?

Hunter(unsure)-Uh..Ye-s..your highness?

Queen-Hmmm.Very well.(sweetly) O noble hunter, there has been a crime in the palace, and I am afraid that to bring the matter to the king would only upset his weak heart. You do understand, surely? I have been burdened very recently, and you are the only one capable of helping me, I'm afraid.

Hunter-Certainly, your majesty. I am a man of honor and will help the crown in any way.

Queen(feigning sadness)- Oh,I do believe my heart will go out any minute... no.. I must instruct
you. It is this: The princess must be killed. She is a danger to the throne, though I cannot disclose why. So...take this box {She points to box} and return it to me by noonday tomorrow
with her heart enclosed.

Hunter- Her h- h- heart?

Queen (maliciously)- Yes, you fool, her heart. And you will do well to remember what happened to the last employ who dared to defy me?

Hunter (frightened)- Yes, your majesty.

Queen (as she leaves)- Very well, noble hunter, very well, indeed.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hunter WIP!

I have been waiting to feel * ready* to sculpt my first male marionette for Snow White play. I consider a challenge because I will need to sculpt , the prince, the hunter, the mirror , AND the 7 dwarfs... yes! A total of TEN male characters and all of them need to be *very* different from each other.

I am particularly fond of sculpting girls . I also need to feel excited about what I am making otherwise I won't be happy, I know it! However; I must tell you that this hunter has been *hunting* my mind the past week and tonight I had the chance to start sculpting him.

I wanted him to have a old-man-kind-of-look and I think I got it!

I am looking forward to finish him , fire and ...paint! I love that!*grin*

I will post pictures very soon....