Thursday, December 31, 2009

The wicth is ready

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*grin*
I am back!!*smiles*
We had a wonderful Christmas and I am still enjoying the company of my sis and her children however , my hands can never stay still. I confess I have been working more than any other time.
I don't even know if *work* is the right word.... I love to make *things* so very much is hard to feel that what I do is called work.*grin*
I am in the midst of marionettes making, miniature work, and FINALLY I have a wood stove installed on my main shop so the final molds for Patitadolls can be made.( that will be coming up next)
I plan to weekly post my progress.Although I have few other characters ready , I choose the witch to do my first post because she is one of my favorites.*grin*
Costuming is a lot a fun but sometimes stressful because I not always have the right vision.
When I was thinking of the witch , I want to create something different than the black-dark-moody costume seen at most plays.
I figured , if the witch is approaching snow white she should have a combination of a poor woody lady and somehow a fear looking as well.
I think this is it. I am always afraid how the young children will react too but I think she will be fine.
I will finish all the costuming before I start the stringing each marionette. I already know that when i string the witch I will let her have a permanent curved back.I think that will give her a nice characteristic, don't you agree?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Rehearsal starts soon....

Today, we cleaned up our living room and made space to set half of the theatre . We set up only what is necessary because the theatre is quite large when we add all the curtains.
My children were eager to get the sitting in. I am working on the outfits and I can gladly tell you that I have completed 5 of 14. I plan to work as many hours as possible this week to get ALL the costumes done.

Jackie , our tea cup chiauchiau has no glue what is going on...grin...I am getting anxious to get started but I confess to you that I still have much to do before that.
*The marionettes that you see on the farm back are not Snow white*

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow white costume

I am currently working on all the marionettes outfits. Prince is ready and Snow white is almost done. I plan to show one at a time , once a week , starting in January. I still need to make the hands and feet and that will be the next thing after they are dressed.
After Christmas we will be setting up the theatre and I our living room will be transformed into a *real* theatre.... pictures will follow. This is very special for our family as we all work together. I hope you stay around and check out our updates!
Merry Christmas!