Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Recording the Voices

We were very blessed to have the support of Wingate University. All the voices belong to several of the University's students and faculty. Our first play is Cinderella, whose setting takes place in Victorian Spain. The play was written by me and my daughter,Kate, who also wrote the scores for this production.
I am sharing below pictures of our recording day, and following those I am adding some pictures of our "master" puppeteers in the early stages of our practice.>grin<
Please chech this blog often since I plan to add updates about us and the progress of the play.
If you like to see a preview video of our play please click to visit myspace .( link on the side)


Rose said...

What a remarkable talent you share so freely with your beautiful family. May God abundantly bless you in all you do together as you bless so many others with your fantastically diverse art!
love, Rosa

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thank You dear Rosa.... You know how much it means to me.