Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The hands are finally ready!!!!!

Last year I sculpted a set of hands for the marionettes. I made a silicone mold at that time but it was not until last week that I was able to get the hands poured. I used fiberglass as my medium because is super strong and cheap.
Below you see them already washed . I drilled a hole in each wrist and will insert a wood dial and I will do the same on the marionette arms.

I started painting yesterday and even with my shop warm up the painting was not settling well... I will be working on that today ... I hope the paint has dried.

If you look on my past posts you will see the one were I made this mold.

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Miriam said...

Il video è divertentissimo, siete davvero molto bravi, penso che non è così facile dare vita ai burattini!
Un forte abbraccio