Sunday, May 10, 2009

Costumes choices!

When I finished sculpting this head I was not pleased! I have been sending pictures of my WIP to another artist and dear friend who has been so wonderful to me, but even with her encouragements and did not like the final sculpt. I placed the head aside of my sight for 2 days after I painted her and when I got her back in my hands, my heart changed about her and now I love her!*grin* .... I know, I know sounds very silly but because I do like her a lot I am able to enjoy what I am doing.
Well, the wicked queen's head is ready and patiently waiting for her costuming . This is a very exciting part and everyone one here gets to give an opinion about it.I also would love to hear from you . I plan to wig her this week . I have to choices of mohair... I dyed one in red and the other is just natural white. Because I do want to mature her looks a bit, I am considering using the white mohair first. If I don't like it , I can always remove it. The picture above shows her with a necklace that I bought at an auction...I know my costumes will have lots of beads to enhance the fabrics so for fun, I loosely wrapped the necklace around her face .... she looks pretty, no?


Dessa Rae said...

I love this sculpt!! I like the beads around her head. You should incorporate the beads in some way!!
Happy sculpting,
Dessa Rae

Patricia Cabrera said...

(((Thank You Dessa))) I am having fun with all the possibilities.

Joanna Thomas said...

I think she is beautiful! I love her long lashes and the colors around her eyes. She is perfect! She just had to 'grow' on you a bit for you to attach to her!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thank you Joanna~I am in fact very excited to see how she will look at the end.*smiles*