Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Prince and the others....

It has been harder and harder to post . I am so sorry about that. I love to work with the theatre and to talk about it. I am working on the marionettes but very slow, because my time is 90% devoted to the patitadolls and I honestly wish that I could have more hours in my day.*grin*
No, there is time for many things, if I don't sleep much of course, smiles, but I am trying to manage well.
I am closing my 7kidsfarm and I will no longer make soaps. I just don't have the time. And I will probably not sculpt , only for my dolls and the marionettes. I am no longer taking commission work and computer time is limited too because I have many projects right now.
I am a mom of 7 children and with a husband that delights in my company ,grin, and visiting my friends and their blogs has been more difficult just because I don't get to come to the computer until late at night but I always manage to take a peek at your blogs, so please , if you are not hearing from me lately don't think I am not visiting you , I am , just for a shorter time.

My daughters will be working with the wood carving for the bodies. I am so excited about this because I have done most things alone but now I will have considerable help.yes!

Almost forgot... here is the prince. I didn't think to make him handsome but rather gentle looking . I think he is nice looking thought. *grin*


Fete et Fleur said...

I have seen your beautiful work on eBay! I'm so glad you found me and that Anita helped point the way. A mother of 7 ! What a great blessing. Never feel obligated to keep up blogging. Just post when you can.

So nice to meet you!

julie campbell said...

He has a good kind face , as a Prince should have !
They look amazing together :0)
I too have had such a busy year so feel for you . It is hard to fit everything we would like into our lives , sometimes we fit so much in we barely have time to breath and then something has to go.
I hope you will be able to concentrate now on your beautiful dolls and marionettes and enjoy your family because they grow so quickly !
julie xxx

Patricia Cabrera said...

Hi Nabcy , so nice to *meet* you!*grin*
I came across your blog many months ago when I was looking for pictures for court shoes. I felt in love ,like everyone else. Your art is so very beautiful.
Yes, Anita is so sweet and kind. Thank you for your words. Kindly~

Patricia Cabrera said...

yes, Julie, I know and agree with you. As much as I LOVE to do my art, there is nothing like been a momma. I am very blessed to homeschool and live in a farm to spend all the time that I do with them, but sometimes I work too much.((thank you ))) for the reminder...lovingly~

Julie Kendall said...

They look wonderfull all grouped together and I think the prince is handsome and kind:O).
Its lovely your girls are helping too.
I saw pictures of your farm today .i love your sheep and the boots you made are fab.

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thank you so much dear Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miriam said...

Ancora una pioggia di complimenti!!!Che meraviglia la tua vita con una famiglia come la tua...