Friday, June 12, 2009

The Witch!

It is always fun to sculpt something out of the normal. I had an initial idea about the witch and I think I was able to make what was in my mind. In our story , the queen disguise her self to a witch appearance to hide her *beauty* . I didn't want to make a very ugly witch but my children reaction was a funny one. I am not sure if I succeed .... they all said ...ohhhh, that is ugly!*grin*

I still need to give her some eyebrows and some other details but because I am sculpting my first dwarf at this moment , I will wait until later on.

I will try to work on the hands next week. I plan to do something different this time. Although it will not be a tutorial, (nothing makes any sense from beginning to the end,grin) but I will show you how I do the hands, create a mold and cast with a medium that I don't believe anyone thought to use it. It will be fun and I hope you will follow me on my Magical world.*grin*


Dessa Rae said...

If I were to imagine the wicked queen as a witch, that's how she would look!!
She is spot on... Love the creepy moles, they look I want to see more!!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Tahnk you so much dear Dessa! A lot of our audience is small children...I do bare that thought in my mind but I think she still look very creepy!Smiles!!!!

Rose said...

She is just fabulous, Pat! I would not want to run into her one late night...but I WOULD love to see her in one of your marionette plays. She just might steal the show! love, Rosa

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thank you Rosa, your comments means the world to me and you know it.*grin*
I never thought I would make a witch so this was a*treat* for me. I am getting anxious to make their bodies but I must wait until all heads are ready.So nice to have you here ....smiles!

Julie Kendall said...

Oh she is just perfect for the role of the rose said ...would not like to meet on a dark night!!

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thank you Julie, what a complement from you .... you do wicthes so very well!*grin*. I am having fun, can you tell?

julie campbell said...

Just amazing Patricia, she looks as though she may open her mouth to speak at any minute.
What a wonderful face you have created !
julie xxx

Patricia Cabrera said...

Ohh Julie, thank you so much. All the comments has really been a blessing to me... I am very critic of my self and I can see faults every where...sometimes is a good thing and other time is not good. Thank you for taking your precious time and visiting me!

julie campbell said...

Just popped back again to look at your witches wonderful face.
I think we are all too critical of our work, its part of being an artist I suppose and it is good as without that we wouldnt grow !
She really is amazing though and I know I will visit many times just to see these wonderful marionettes :0)
julie xx

Patricia Cabrera said...

Oh Julie, You are so gracious and such a good friend! Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate! I have never made a wicth many form of ideas passed through my mind , some really scary,grin , but at the end, I wanted her to look as she was real. The world of theatre is a magical one and makes me feel I am 12 years old again. I *LOVE* to make these dolls and to do the plays. I do beleive I am making *memories* with my children who are so in love with the whole process... for so long I want to share my art closily with them, but honestly, wasn't until I start making marionettes that I found my gift for them.
I have finished one of the dwarfs, perhpas next week I will have a chance to post him, thank you so much for visiting me.I mean it!Tenderly~

art and beautiful junk said...

Wonderful! This is truly intriguing.

ruthie said...

beautiful! so much expression

Nissa said...

Oh Pat, she's FABULOUS! I love her face.