Sunday, June 21, 2009

First of the 7 Dwarfs

I don't think I have ever been as busy with my art as I am now. I have a doll show next month for my Patitadolls and it has taken all my time with the short time that I have to prepare everything on time however; I had sculpted this face few weeks ago so it was easy to paint and wig.

This is one of the seven dwarfs.... I am not sure which one yet ...perhaps Reed, I will wait until the others are ready to name each accordingly. I will add the accessories such glasses , hats ...when I have all the dwarfs ready.

I made a little audio video so you can hear the voices of the 7 dwarfs. When all 7 are ready, I will do another one with the faces and voices as they introduce themselves.
***** You may want to pause kate's music, so you can listen to the audio below****

All the audio was recorded at the Wingate University of Music, Wingate. The voices belongs to the students and faculties . I have a lot work to do with the audio . This is just at the *raw* stage, but I think you will enjoy to listen as much as I do. *grin*

Can you pictures them as you listen?


julie campbell said...

what a wonderful face just full of character ! I am so excited to see all the dwarfs together :0)
julie xxx

Patricia Cabrera said...

(((Thank you Julie))). You are so sweet for watch them to come to life. I appreciate that!*grin*

Dessa Rae said...

I agree with Julie, he has such personality. When can I see more?

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thank you dearest Dessa... grin....I should go back and work on the dwarfs next month... I am busy with patitadolls right now but I have a feeling when I sculpt the next dwarfs I will do couple heads at a time as I am anxious to start the wood bodies.

OOAK babies by Mina said...

What amazing work Pat! its so wonderful to see you doing something you love. And Kate is such a talented young lady. Her music is just beautiful. All the best

Patricia Cabrera said...

Mina !!!!!!!!!!!!!! **SO NICE TO HEAR FROM YOU* !!!!!!!!!!! it has been a long time. How are you doing ? Thank you for visiting me.