Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hunter WIP!

I have been waiting to feel * ready* to sculpt my first male marionette for Snow White play. I consider a challenge because I will need to sculpt , the prince, the hunter, the mirror , AND the 7 dwarfs... yes! A total of TEN male characters and all of them need to be *very* different from each other.

I am particularly fond of sculpting girls . I also need to feel excited about what I am making otherwise I won't be happy, I know it! However; I must tell you that this hunter has been *hunting* my mind the past week and tonight I had the chance to start sculpting him.

I wanted him to have a old-man-kind-of-look and I think I got it!

I am looking forward to finish him , fire and ...paint! I love that!*grin*

I will post pictures very soon....


Julie Kendall said...

Hes fantastic, loving all the detail and im really Looking forward to seeing all the dwarfs...:O)
Stunning work

julie campbell said...

He looks perfect ! I love his old face and am sure you will make some wonderful dwarfs . I am looking forward to seeing the prince too
julie xxx

Dessa Rae said...

You have really captured the "old man" look!! He is wonderful, and such personality.
You are exactly the way I am...I have to be excited about what I am sculpting or my work suffers and the sculpt goes in the trash.
That's why I stopped taking commission work.
I can't wait to see the seven dwarfs.
Take care,
Dessa Rae

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dear Julie K., Julie C. and Dessa,

Thank you so much for your comments, I do appreciate your encouragments!*grin*
I finished baking and painting and I am almost done with his hat. I will post soon!