Friday, July 31, 2009

The Captain is here!

Yes! I am finally done with the captain dwarf. He has been sculpted for while and now that he is ready , I regret not have taking a picture of him prior the glasses and the hair were added.
He is much a character I must say. I truly love how he turned up.

His glasses were made from welding rod. I love to weld ( my new passion) and thanks to my dolls I had to learn about it. The lenses have 3 coats of clear resin.

It still a little wet and today the humidity was high so i got foggy pictures, sigh, sorry about that*grin*

I did not forget about the hands. They are setting now. I have been working many hours daily while we are off school. I have been working with many things at the same time so it tales me more time to get one thing done but when I do, I get several done at the same time.

All my marionette will look very different when I start the costume. They will have hats or head pieces. I can't wait!


Julie Kendall said...

Wonderful work!!
I have left you an award and a wee challenge on my blob

Patricia Cabrera said...

Thank you dear Julie~ I have to see it!!!!*grin*

Julie Kendall said...

Ment to mention that the challenge is to show the forth picture from the 4th file on your PC and write a little about it....its just a bit of fun and is going around blogland. Next you pass it along to four others.
Been some great photos and storys turn up......hope you have fun with it:O)