Monday, December 28, 2009

Rehearsal starts soon....

Today, we cleaned up our living room and made space to set half of the theatre . We set up only what is necessary because the theatre is quite large when we add all the curtains.
My children were eager to get the sitting in. I am working on the outfits and I can gladly tell you that I have completed 5 of 14. I plan to work as many hours as possible this week to get ALL the costumes done.

Jackie , our tea cup chiauchiau has no glue what is going on...grin...I am getting anxious to get started but I confess to you that I still have much to do before that.
*The marionettes that you see on the farm back are not Snow white*


julie campbell said...

How exciting Patricia ! I can imagine you are all eager to begin rehearsals :0)your little dog is so cute !
julie xxx

Miriam said...

é sempre affascinante visitare i tuoi blog, qui in particolare si respira un'aria magica, immagino come devi sentirti tu, durante tutti questi preparativi....una fibrillazione unica!
Buone feste e Buon Anno 2010, tanta felicità e fortuna!