Thursday, December 31, 2009

The wicth is ready

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*grin*
I am back!!*smiles*
We had a wonderful Christmas and I am still enjoying the company of my sis and her children however , my hands can never stay still. I confess I have been working more than any other time.
I don't even know if *work* is the right word.... I love to make *things* so very much is hard to feel that what I do is called work.*grin*
I am in the midst of marionettes making, miniature work, and FINALLY I have a wood stove installed on my main shop so the final molds for Patitadolls can be made.( that will be coming up next)
I plan to weekly post my progress.Although I have few other characters ready , I choose the witch to do my first post because she is one of my favorites.*grin*
Costuming is a lot a fun but sometimes stressful because I not always have the right vision.
When I was thinking of the witch , I want to create something different than the black-dark-moody costume seen at most plays.
I figured , if the witch is approaching snow white she should have a combination of a poor woody lady and somehow a fear looking as well.
I think this is it. I am always afraid how the young children will react too but I think she will be fine.
I will finish all the costuming before I start the stringing each marionette. I already know that when i string the witch I will let her have a permanent curved back.I think that will give her a nice characteristic, don't you agree?


julie campbell said...

She is perfect patricia,an old woman enough to fool snow white but slightly sinister .
Hope you have a wonderful new Year !
julie xxx

Patricia Cabrera said...

((( Thank you Julie))) I really appreciate you visiting me!!!Smiles~

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh has been a long time since I have seen your work in this blog. WOW. I can see why she is your favorite. Oh dear one, this is exquisite. BRAVO to you, you have been really working so hard. GOD BLESS YOU and thank you for coming to visit my post and telling me about this, although, eventually, I would have seen it pop up on my blog list. We were out all day shopping for a new winter coat. I GOT TWO for the price of one! HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR FRIEND! Anita

niknik said...

Хороша старушка!